Table 1.

Quantitation of adhesion and spreading of cells transfected with RacV12,N33

TransfectantAvg no. of cells adhered/field ± SDa
Total adherent cellsSpread cells
RacV12,N33204 ± 2777 ± 25
pcDNA3144 ± 300
RacV12N33 + cytochalasin Db 156 ± 293
  • a Jurkat cells (2 × 103) transfected with the indicated plasmids were seeded onto 35-mm-diameter fibronectin-coated dishes; 16 h posttransfection, unattached cells were rinsed off, and the total number of adherent cells (including spread cells) and the total number of spread cells were determined. Cells exhibiting a flat fibroblast-like morphology were counted as spread cells. Each value represents an average of eight fields.

  • b RacV12,N33-transfected cells were pretreated with cytochalasin D prior to seeding on fibronectin-coated dishes.