RC-seq library information

hiPSC line and library DNA inputcTime pointRC-seq readsbRC-seq data source
CountAligned %
    FibroblastsT044,033,58299.95Klawitter et al.
    hiPSCs p76aT142,151,99499.74This study
    Neural epitheliumT233,972,00199.77This study
    Immature neuronsT339,766,94099.77This study
    Neurons IT447,155,51499.78This study
    Neurons IIT544,381,11197.91This study
    Neurons IIIT636,222,61099.77This study
    hiPSCs p15Earlier hiPSC passage24,385,02299.88Klawitter et al.
    hiPSCs p40Earlier hiPSC passage63,130,77299.88Klawitter et al.
    FibroblastsT024,386,59099.91Klawitter et al.
    hiPSCs p70T138,460,24199.63This study
    Neural epitheliumT240,174,55499.79This study
    Immature neuronsT346,646,99999.78This study
    Neurons IT427,279,49299.79This study
    Neurons IIT546,018,31099.77This study
    Neurons IIIT636,033,94499.54This study
    hiPSCs p11Earlier hiPSC passage64,534,18999.40Klawitter et al.
    hiPSCs p40Earlier hiPSC passage27,447,96799.39Klawitter et al.
  • a p, passage.

  • b Data from 2- by 150-mer reads.

  • c Neurons I, II, and III were harvested after 72, 112, and 156 days of differentiation in vitro, respectively.