CLIP-Seq data showing miR-499 and miR-21 interaction with mRNA targetsa

Gene transcript (GenBank accession no.)No. of CLIP-Seq experiments supporting miR-21 interaction with the predicted targetNo. of CLIP-Seq experiments supporting miR-499 interaction with the predicted target
SOX6 (NM_001145811)**
PURB (NM_033224)3*
PDCD4 (NM_001199492)121
JHDM1D (NM_030647)33
SECISBP2L (NM_001193489)*1
PAIP2B (NM_020459)**
SOX5 (NM_006940)92
SCRN1 (NM_001145513)16
ARHGAP32 (NM_001142685)4*
KLHDC5 (NM_020782)82
RAB22A (NM_020673)13
MEIS1 (NM_002398)91
LRP6 (NM_002336)100
FOXP2 (NM_001172766)9*
STRN (NM_003162)**
  • a * indicates the absence of cross-linking immunoprecipitation sequencing (CLIP-Seq) evidence of the interaction of the corresponding miRNA and its predicted target.