Common high-score predictions for miR-21 and miR-499 using TargetScana

Gene transcript (GenBank accession no.)No. of miR-499-5p conserved predicted sitesNo. of miR-499-5p poorly conserved predicted sitesDistance(s) between predicted binding sites for miR-499-5p (nt)Experimental evidence of interaction
SOX6 (NM_001145811)51170, 305, 15, 287, 290NALuciferase
PURB (NM_033224)131,726, 3,430, 750MicroarrayNA
PDCD4 (NM_001199492)30450, 66Luciferase, Western blottingLuciferase, qRT-PCR, Western blotting
JHDM1D (NM_030647)124,229, 7NANA
SECISBP2L (NM_001193489)121,080, 1,428NANA
PAIP2B (NM_020459)12729, 52NANA
SOX5 (NM_006940)20158Western blotting, Northern blotting, qRT-PCR, luciferaseNA
SCRN1 (NM_001145513)113,334MicroarrayNA
ARHGAP32 (NM_001142685)1149NANA
KLHDC5 (NM_020782)112,175NANA
RAB22A (NM_020673)111,650NANA
MEIS1 (NM_002398)20461MicroarrayNA
LRP6 (NM_002336)11576NANA
FOXP2 (NM_001172766)1126NANA
STRN (NM_003162)111,853NANA
  • a Each transcript in the table represents at least one conserved binding site predicted for miR-21-5p and at least two binding sites predicted for miR-499a-5p. SOX6, SRY box 6; NA, not applicable.