Table 2.

Biotinylated levels of Acc1 protein in wild-type and hpr1Δ cellsa

StrainRatio (%)
Wild type<1.4 (100)<2.7 (100)<1.9 (100)
hpr1Δ mutant2.2 (50)3.5 (77)1.6 (119)
  • a Cells were grown in YEPD medium at 30°C; whole-cell protein was prepared; and equal amounts of protein were separated by SDS-gel electrophoresis, blotted, and probed with peroxidase-labeled avidin to detect biotinylated Acc1p and pyruvate carboxylase (Pyc1/2p) and an anti-GAPDH antibody to control for loading. Signal intensities were quantified densitometrically, and ratios are given. Percentages are relative to the ratio seen in wild-type cells.