Table 2.

Growth in soft agar of colonies from infected 5-FU-treated BM cellsa

Type ofabl oncogene in retrovirusNo. of colonies/105 infected cells (avg ± SD) in soft agar assay
bcr-abl (b3a2)22.2 ± 2.637.3 ± 9.3
bcr-abl (b3a3)26.4 ± 4.926.0 ± 2.0
ΔSH3 c-abl <0.2<0.3
  • a Infected 5-FU-treated BM cells (105) were plated per well in soft agar, at five wells for each type of virus-infected cells in assay 1 and three wells for each type in assay 2. Colonies showed morphologies typical of myeloid lineage. The lowest possible number was 0.2 in assay 1 and 0.3 in assay 2; < the lowest possible number means that no colonies were seen.