Table 1.

S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

StrainaRelevant genotype
JMY1469 a SWE1myc:HIS2
JMY1503 a SWE1myc:HIS2 hsl1ΔURA3
JMY1505 a SWE1myc:HIS2 hsl7ΔURA3
JMY1507 a SWE1myc:HIS2 hsl1ΔURA3 hsl7ΔURA3
JMY1470 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1
JMY1477 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1 hsl1ΔURA3
JMY1475 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1 hsl7ΔURA3
JMY1479 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1 hsl1ΔURA3 hsl7ΔURA3
JMY1569 a /α swe1ΔLEU2/SWE1 mih1ΔLEU2/MIH1 hsl1ΔURA3/HSL1
JMY1570 a /α swe1ΔLEU2/SWE1 mih1ΔLEU2/MIH1 hsl7ΔURA3/HSL7
JMY1571 a /α mih1ΔTRP1/MIH1 hsl1ΔURA3/HSL1 GAL:HSL7:LEU2/HSL7
JMY1572 a /α mih1ΔTRP1/MIH1 hsl7ΔURA3/HSL7 GAL:HSL1:LEU2/HSL1
DLY657 a cdc24-1 bar1
DLY690 a cdc24-1 swe1ΔLEU2 bar1
JMY1284 a GAL:HSL7:LEU2 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1495 a GAL:HSL1:LEU2:HSL1:TRP1 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1472 a SWE1myc:HIS2 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1494 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1493 a SWE1myc:HIS2 SWE1myc:TRP1(3X) cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1300 a hsl1ΔURA3 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1301 a hsl7ΔURA3 cdc24-1 bar1
JMY1500 a HSL1myc:URA3 bar1
M-1295* a HSL7-3HA:kan
M-1505* a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3
M-1537* a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 HSL7-3HA:kan
JMY1521* a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 HSL7-3HA:kan bar1ΔTRP1
JMY1539* a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 HSL7-3HA:kan hsl1ΔTRP1
DLY1 a bar1
RSY342 a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 CDC28Y19F:TRP1
RSY361 a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 hsl1ΔURA3 CDC28Y19F:TRP1 bar1
RSY356 a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 hsl7ΔURA3 CDC28Y19F:TRP1 bar1
RSY366 a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 GAL:HSL1:LEU2 CDC28Y19F:TRP1 bar1
RSY370 a GAL:SWE1myc:URA3 GAL:HSL7:LEU2 CDC28Y19F:TRP1 bar1
  • a *, strains in the YEF473A (6) background (his3 leu2 trp1 ura3 lys2). All other strains are in the BF264-15DU (43) background (ade1 his2 leu2-3,112 trp1-1aura3Δns).