Table 2.

β-Galactosidase activities of Swi4 mutants

Plasmidβ-Galactosidase activity (Miller units)aDescription
p424 GPD0.1Vector control
p424 GPD-Swi411.4Wild-type Swi4
p424 GPD-Swi4-9.141.3Addition of 12 amino acids to the C terminus of Swi4
p424 GPD-Swi4-9.233.8C-terminal truncation at amino acid 803
p424 GPD-Swi4-3.315.61-bp deletion at amino acid 1081 yielding a 12-amino-acid truncation + 4 amino acids
p424 GPD-Swi4-GY22.4E1076G + N1092Y
  • a See Materials Methods and reference40; average of three independent transformations.