Table 4.

Increased methylation accessibility of themat3M locus in therhp6/sng1 mutant is also switching dependent

Genotype% Methylationa
Hemi- + dimethylation (BclI lane), sites a + b + cbDimethylation (DpnI lane)
Site aSite bbSite cSites a + b + cb
Msmto swi6ND5.9c5.0c19.6c30.5c
Msmto rhp6/sng155.2∼0.2∼0.4∼0.4∼1.0
  • a Quantitation by densitometry of the autoradiograph shown in Fig. 8B.

  • b For quantitation, the contribution of the slower-migrating band at 2.7 kb in Fig. 7B (lanes 2 and 3), indicated by the arrowhead, was also included. This site is not indicated in the map in Fig. 7 based on published sequence and may represent a polymorphic site. ND, not determined.

  • c Data from Fig. 8 were quantitated.