Table 5.

Increased IFN-γ production in cells transfected with an antisense MTase vector

Cell line (clone)No. of IFN-γ-expressing cells/100 cellsbIFN-γc(IU/well)
Single-cell clones
 JMO (parental)22 ± 52
 JMO (D10)34 ± 61.7
 JMO (G9)27 ± 52
 JMO-TMH105 ± 626
 JMO-TMH (F7)98 ± 423
 JMO-TMH (D8)103 ± 620
 JMO-TMH (C7)93 ± 63
Clone D8
 JMO (D8)36 ± 51.7
 HIV-infected JMO (D8), day 7d 20 ± 4ND
 HIV-infected JMO (D8)-TMHe 36 ± 4ND
  • a JMO clones were generated and maintained as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Determined by ELISPOT as described in Materials and Methods.

  • c Determined as ELISA international units per well (100 cells) of supernatant from the same wells of ELISPOT to give the quantity of IFN-γ per cell. ND, not determined.

  • d ELISPOT analysis was performed 7 days after HIV infection of the cells.

  • e After 7 days of HIV-1 infection, JMO clone D8 was transfected with an antisense MTase expression vector by using Superfect (Qiagen). After 48 h, the transfected cells were subjected to ELISPOT analysis.