Table 3.

Sequences of the PKR-binding region and ISDR, with the corresponding IFN sensitivities of NS5A expression constructs

NameaPKR-binding region (aa 2209–2274)bIFN responsecReference(s)
1b-wt ---------R-----------------------------------------H-----K----P--- R 14
1b-2 ---------R-----V-----------------------------------H-----K----P--- R/S 21,78
1b-4 L----A- GR-----------------------------------------H-----K----P--- Sd
1b-5 L----A- GR-----V-----------------------------------H-----K----P--- S 21
1a-wt --------AN------E----------------------------V-----V-------I--P--- R 27
  • a pt, HCV-J prototype reference sequence (GenBank accession no. D90208); wt, wild-type parental HCV-1b clone (GenBank accession no. AF034151 [NS5A coding region only]).

  • b The ISDR sequence is in boldface.

  • c R, IFN resistant; S, IFN sensitive; R/S, independently reported as IFN resistant or IFN sensitive in separate studies.

  • d The IFN response phenotype corresponding to 1b-4 has not been determined. However, based on published studies (21, 45), we predict this sequence to be associated with sensitivity to IFN.