Table 3.

Acute HIV-1 infection increases overall genomic DNA methylation

CellsTime (days) p.i.aMean DNA methylation level (% of control) ± SEM
Hut 783114 ± 4
7140 ± 5
CD4+ T196 ± 2.7
2124 ± 6.3
6152 ± 7.4
  • a Days postinfection (p.i.) of lymphoid cell lines and PHA-activated CD4+ T cells purified and activated as described in Materials and Methods. Cell lines were infected with cloned isolates (NL43 and HXB-2) as well as the primary isolate BP-1 at an MOI of 1.

  • b Levels are expressed as percent increase over the methylation level of uninfected matched control cultures at each time point. Data shown are representative of three separate infections.