Table 2.

URA3-arg4 plasmids

Plasmid namesaLocusFragment coordinatesbIntegration sitec
pMJ462 and pMJ349 YCL011c 101706–103145102553 (AflII)
pMJ508 and pMJ510 YCR004c 118532–119248118810 (AflII)
pMJ481 and pMJ484 RVS161 129959–130492130199 (SacII)
pMJ514 and pMJ520 YCR017c 144280–144630144409 (AflII)
pMJ482 and pMJ485 YCR026c 163445–164151163812 (AflII)
pMJ483 and pMJ486 RIM1 171197–172008171587 (SphI)
  • a Plasmids are derived from pMJ113 (arg4-nsp) and pMJ115 (arg4-bgl), respectively (67).

  • b Coordinates on chromosome III (51) of the locus-specific fragment used to direct integration. In all cases, this fragment was inserted at the pBR322 EcoRI site (see Materials and Methods).

  • c Chromosome III coordinate of integration site and restriction enzyme used to direct integration.