Table 3.

Quantitative analysis of cell morphology and budding pattern

StrainaRelevant genotype% with cell shapeb:% with budding patternc:
Long PHOval YFRound YFBipolarUnipolar
MLY61aWild type45.253.11.739.960.1
XPY5aΔtpk2::G418/Δtpk2::G418 53.745.50.876.623.4
  • a Wild-type (MLY61a/α) and Δtpk2/Δtpk2 (XPYSa/α) and Δste12ste12 (MLY216a/α) mutant strains were grown on SLAD solid medium.

  • b Cell shape was assessed by visual estimation of the length/width ratio (l/w) for individual cells: round, l/w ∼1; oval, l/w = 1 to 2; long, l/w > 2. At least 200 cells were studied for each strain.

  • c Budding pattern was assessed by the pattern of the first two buds formed from a virgin cell: unipolar, two buds at the same pole; bipolar, two buds at opposite poles. At least 200 daughter cells of three-cell microcolonies were studied for each strain.