TargetP localization predictions for Kcv and Kesv

ProteinLength (amino acids)ScoreaPredicted localizationbReliability classc
Kcv940.0200.9350.135Secretory pathway1
Kesv1240.6280.6950.007Secretory pathway5
Kesv-VV1260.6290.6900.007Secretory pathway5
ΔN-Kesv920.0080.9730.091Secretory pathway1
  • a The location with the highest score is the most likely, according to TargetP, and the relationship between the scores (the reliability class) may be an indication of how certain the prediction is. mTP, mitochondrial targeting peptide; SP, signal peptide; Other, score on which the final prediction was based.

  • b The predicted localization is based on the score; the possible values are mitochondrion, secretory pathway, and other.

  • c The reliability class ranges from 1 to 5, where 1 indicates the strongest prediction. For details compare and reference 45.