Table 4.

Frequency of tumor-initiating cells in GFP subpopulations isolated from PyMT; MTB; Gata-3+/Tg mammary glandsa

No. of cells injected per mammary fat padNo. of tumorsb
Lin CD24+ GFPLin CD24+ GFP+
    Repopulating frequency (95% confidence interval)1/648 (1/1,051–1/399)1/3,643 (1/9,704–1/1,368)
    P value0.0004
  • a Limiting dilution analysis of the tumor-initiating frequency of Lin CD24+ GFP and Lin CD24+ GFP+ cells isolated from PyMT; MTB; Gata-3+/Tg mice. Cells were injected into the cleared mammary fat pads of 3-week-old syngeneic recipient mice and fat pads collected 10 weeks posttransplantation. Data are shown for three independent experiments.

  • b Shown as the number of tumors per number of injected fat pads. For transplanted GFP+ cells, only GFP-positive tumors were counted.