Table 1.

Properties of 3T3sw mitochondrial nucleoids, mitochondria, and relative DNA packing density

PropertyValueBasis or reference
Mean no. of nucleoids/3T3sw cell (±SD)d
    PicoGreen DNA staining275 (±77)
    TFAM-mEos2 (green state) labeling291 (±92)
Mean no. of mtDNA copies/3T3sw cellb (±SD)821 (±163)
Mean nucleoid vol (nm3)830,000Fig. 4
Mean matrix space between cristae (nm)d (±SD)68 (±24)
Mean matrix diam (nm) (±SD)e238 (±75)
    Bacteriophage T70.4948
    ECV304 (human) mt nucleoid0.11024
    P. polycephalum mt nucleoid0.0695
    3T3 (mouse) mt nucleoid0.063g
    Nuclear DNA0.0313.3 × 109 bp/113 μm3
    E. coli0.0054.64 × 106 bp/0.9 μm3
Nucleoid diam (nm)
    2D PALM (TFAM-mEos2)110 (±59)
    dSTORM (DNA antibody)110 (±46)
  • a Data were determined by whole-cell confocal microscopy.

  • b Data were determined by qPCR.

  • c Average mtDNA genomes/cell divided by average nucleoids/cell.

  • d Data were determined by measurements from EM images using the formula (mitochondrial length/number of cristae) − average crista width (21.5 nm); n = 80 mitochondria.

  • e Data were determined from 60 width measurements taken between inner boundary membranes; sample range, 115 to 430 nm.

  • f Data were determined using the equation Embedded Image, where Nbp represents the number of base pairs and Ω represents the package volume in cubic nanometers. mt, mitochondrial.

  • g Data were determined using averages of 3 genomes/nucleoid and the equation shown in footnote f.