List of CLOCK-binding motifs revealed by MOCCSa

MotifNormalized AUCCountb
    CACGTT (AACGTG)10.271,181
    CACGCG (CGCGTG)7.951,730
    CACATG (CATGTG)7.903,910
    CACGAG (CTCGTG)6.621,233
    CACGGG (CCCGTG)6.291,573
    CATGCG (CGCATG)5.15857
    CACGTT (AACGTG)11.64910
    CACATG (CATGTG)10.102,873
    CACGCG (CGCGTG)9.861,607
    CACGAG (CTCGTG)8.141,034
    CATGCG (CGCATG)7.42738
    CACGGG (CCCGTG)6.151,388
  • a The AUC (see the text and Fig. 3B) was normalized by dividing the value by the standard deviation of the AUC of all 6-mers within sequences 501 bp upstream of the transcription start sites of all protein-coding genes. Listed are the 6-mer motifs that (i) had a normalized AUC of >5, (ii) did not overlap more overrepresented motifs, and (iii) had at most two mismatches to the canonical E-box motif CACGTG. Sequences in parentheses are complementary sequences. The normalized AUC represents their significance.

  • b The frequency at which the motif appears in regions within 250 bp of the CLOCK-binding sites.