Global summary of all analyses performed on PGC-1α peaksf

Motif namePCAaOverrepresentation inb:MARA activity Z scorecLog2 FC in expression arraydAbsolute expression in PGC-1α sampleeFinal ranking
All PGC-1α peaks“Non ESRRA-like” peaksDirectIndirect
ESRRAYes11826.04 (14.78)15.49 (37.94)2.311,829.456
FOS_FOS(B,L1)_JUN(B,D)Yes520.88 (2.14)1.81 (−4.34)1.781,508.855
ZNF14327282.48 (6.05)4.65 (9.68)0.38384.365
BPTF21121.38 (3.37)2.56 (−6.25)−0.56333.344
ESR117502.33 (5.69)4.53 (11.04)−0.47232.424
FOSL2Yes630.88 (2.14)1.51 (3.65)−0.98717.094
GTF2I34132.09 (5.10)2.38 (−5.80)−0.551,207.814
NFE2L2Yes850.57 (1.38)1.01 (−2.37)−0.383,673.634
NFY(A,B,C)961162.37 (5.80)3.56 (7.62)1.072,409.484
NR5A1,2Yes31883.53 (8.66)7.73 (17.00)−0.0880.974
REST1260.48 (1.15)2.41 (5.70)−0.89328.044
RREB115101.56 (3.82)2.39 (−5.42)0.05678.444
SP124223.99 (9.76)0.61 (0.33)−0.32751.984
STAT2,4,629230.35 (0.52)4.81 (−9.67)−2.72380.124
TLX1.3_NFIC (dimer)19170.84 (−2.05)4.91 (−11.97)−0.342,339.334
  • a Requirement for PCA: being among the top 10 motifs contributing most to PC1 and PC2.

  • b Requirement for motif overrepresentation: being among the top 30 significant motifs; ranking position shown.

  • c Requirement for MARA: having a Z score of ≥2.0. Numbers in parentheses show the difference between the PGC-1α state and the GFP state, representing the direction in which the motif activity changes following PGC-1α overexpression.

  • d Requirement for the expression array (i): having a log2 fold change value of ≥1.0 (corresponding to 2-fold upregulation).

  • e Requirement for the expression array (ii): having an absolute expression in the PGC-1α sample of ≥100.

  • f The final score is the count of all analyses where a certain motif passed the defined cutoffs. The motifs chosen for validation and their corresponding values which satisfied the cutoffs are shown in bold.