Table 1.

E6 and Mdm2 abrogate the growth arrest and SA-β-Gal expression induced by p14ARFand E2F1a

Retroviruses% SA-β-Gal positive% Labeled nuclei
L0 + B0865
L0 + B-ARF8515
L0 + B-WT (E2F1)7818
L-E6 + B0188
L-E6 + B-ARF385
L-E6 + B-WT (E2F1)189
L-Mdm2 + B0570
L-Mdm2 + B-ARF1962
L-Mdm2 + B-WT (E2F1)1468
  • a WI-38 cells were infected with the control (L0) or E6- (L-E6) or Mdm2-carrying (L-Mdm2) LXSN retroviruses and selected in G-418. They were then superinfected with the control (B0) or p14ARF-(B-ARF) or wild-type E2F1 [B-WT (E2F1)]-expressing pBabe retroviruses and selected in puromycin. After 3 days, the cells were plated for SA-β-Gal staining and [3H]thymidine labeling, as described in Materials and Methods. The percentages of cells that expressed SA-β-Gal and synthesized DNA (% labeled nuclei) over a 72-h interval were determined by counting under bright-field microscopy. For each determination, at least 400 cells were counted from two independent culture dishes.