Table 1.

Yeast strains

StrainGenotypeReference or sourceClassification of straina
SY1574 MATα STE3 ura3 leu2 ade2-1o c ade1 his6 trp1a m 8
SY2638 MATα ste3Δ::LEU2 This workA
NDY414 MATα HIS3P::STE3 This workA
NDY647 MATα HIS3P::STE3 ste20Δ::URA3 This workA
NDY675 MATα HIS3P::STE3 ste4Δ This workA
NDY693 MATα HIS3P::STE3 ste11Δ::URA3 This workA
NDY708 MATα HIS3P::STE3 ste12Δ::LEU2 This workA
NDY847 MATα HIS3P::STE3 fus3Δ::LEU2 This workA
NDY953 MATα HIS3P::STE3 far1Δ This workA
NDY1022 MATα HIS3P::STE3 fus3Δ::LEU2 kss1Δ::URA3 This workA
W303-1B MATα STE3 ura3-1 leu2-3 his3-11,15 trp1-1 ade2-1 can1-100 R. Rothstein laboratory
NDY746 MATα ste3Δ::LEU2 This workB
NDY753 MATα HIS3P::STE3 This workB
T2-4D MATα STE3 mfα1::LEU2 mfα2::LEU2 27 B
NDY544 MATα STE3 mfα1::LEU2 mfα2::LEU2 ste2Δ::TRP1 This workB
NDY598 MATα STE3 mfα1::LEU2 mfα2::LEU2 HIS3p::STE2 This workB
RH268-1C MAT a end4-1 ura3 leu2 his4 bar1-1 39
NDY344 MATα end4-1 ste3Δ::LEU2 44 C
NDY867 MATα end4-1 GAL1p-STE3(M271I, M304I) This workC
NDY795 MAT a end4-1 ste4Δ This workC
SY1793 MATα STE3 mfa1Δ mfa2Δ FUS1P::HIS3 ura3-52 leu2-3,112 ade1 8
SY1937 MATα STE3 ste2Δ mfa1Δ mfa2Δ::FUS1-LacZ 2 D
NDY787 MATα STE3 ste2Δ mfa1Δ mfa2Δ::FUS1-LacZ rad16::GAL1p-STE4 2 D
SY2011 MATα ste3Δ ste2Δ mfa1Δ mfa2Δ::FUS1-LacZ 2 D
NDY691 MATα ste3Δ::LEU2 mfa1Δ mfa2Δ rad16::GAL1p-STE4 This workD
NDY692 MATα HIS3P::STE3 mfa1Δ mfa2Δ rad16::GAL1p-STE4 This workD
NDY711 MATα HIS3P::STE3 mfa1Δ mfa2Δ This workD
  • a Strains designated A are isogenic to SY1574; strains designated B are isogenic to W303-1B; strains designated C are isogenic to RH268-1C; and strains designated D are isogenic to SY1793.