Table 5.

Phenotypes of Ura+ transformants derived from recombination between the gapped CEN ARS plasmid or the gapped integrating plasmid and chromosomal met17-s donor

Relevant genotypeNo. of Ura+ transformantsa% of Ura+ transformantsa that were:
Ura+u Met+uUra+uMetUra+sMet+sUra+sMetUra+sMet+uMet+b
Gapped CEN ARS plasmid
RAD 1,020455500.4045
rad51 132425205143
rad57 288554104055
rad59 288604000.4060
Gapped integrating plasmid
RAD 1,153005149051
rad51c 45001684016
rad57c 173003169031
rad59 288005050050
  • a Number of Ura+transformants analyzed, the other numbers are given as percentages of the total Ura+.

  • b Percentage of Ura+ transformants that were Met+.

  • c Significantly different from RADas determined by chi-square analysis.