Table 2.

ARS plasmid gap repair frequenciesa with chromosomal and plasmid donors

Relevant genotypeTransformation efficiency (105 CFU/μg of DNA)Frequency (10−2) with chromosomal donorFold decreaseFrequency (10−2) with plasmid donorFold decrease
RAD 1.1311231
rad51 0.310.32980.20110
rad52b 0.160.065500.021,000
rad53-21 1.1123112
rad57 0.630.39800.3467
rad59 0.421.5210.4057
rad51 rad59b 0.260.07460<0.03>750
  • a Gap repair frequencies were determined from the number of Ura+ Met+ transformants obtained from the gapped plasmid divided by the number of Ura+ Met+ transformants from the uncut plasmid (see Materials and Methods).

  • b Gap repair frequencies for therad52 strain were estimated from the accumulated data from 12 independent transformations; only 3 transformations of therad51 rad59 strain were performed.