Table 1.

MAZR interacts with Bach1 and Bach2 through their BTB/POZ domains in a yeast two-hybrid systema

Domain or fusionβ-Galactosidase activity (Miller units) of cells transformed with:
GBD0.029 (1)0.025 (0.86)0.062 (2.1)0.04 (1.4)
GBD-MAZR/BTB0.053 (1)14 (264)7.7 (145)0.052 (0.98)
GBD-Bach2/BTB0.034 (1)0.56 (16)0.014 (4.1)0.026 (0.76)
GBD-Bach2/bZip1.4 (1)4.4 (3.1)
GBD-Bach1/BTB0.065 (1)0.88 (13)
  • a Yeast strain SFY526 containing thelacZ gene under the control of the GAL1 promoter was transformed with the plasmids indicated, and β-galactosidase activities were determined. Values in parentheses are β-galactosidase activities normalized relative to each control experiment shown on the left.