Table 3.

Abnormal morphology and chromosome segregation is evident in Δabp1 Δcbh1 fission yeasta

Strain descriptionBranched or multiseptatedAnucleateInterphaseMitoticTotalViability (%)Generation time (h)
WT0 (<0.3)14 (4)71 (20)264 (76)349712
Δcbh1 0 (<0.4)0 (<0.4)81 (31)177 (69)258812
Δabp1 1 (0.4)7 (3)70 (29)168 (68)246474
Δabp1 Δcbh1 39 (30)24 (19)16 (12)50 (39)12924b 8
  • a Aliquots of cells from strains SBP072198-1B (wild type [WT]), SBP072198-1D (Δcbh1), SBP072198-1A (Δabp1), and SBP072198-1C (Δabp1 Δcbh1) were fixed with ethanol, stained with propidium iodide, and examined by fluorescence microscopy as described in Materials and Methods. The number of cells observed for each category is shown, followed by the percentage of total cells in parentheses. The remainder of each culture was used to determine cell viability and the doubling time for each strain.

  • b This value is an estimate because 30% of the cells plated for viability were branched or multiseptated as a result of a cytokinesis defect in this strain.