Table 5.

Percentages of DSBs produced by different his4-mutant allelesa

HIS4locusDSBs as % of total meiotic DNA at:
HIS4 promoterPalindrome
HIS4/HIS4 3.3–4.60
HIS4/his4-140 2.8–3.85.1–7.2
HIS4/his4-140a 3.4–4.30.4–0.8
HIS4/his4-120 4.9–6.40.4–0.9
HIS4/his4-108 4.1–5.20.2–0.6
HIS4/his4-100 3.2–4.30.2–0.5
HIS4/his4-70 2.2–4.40.1–0.2
  • a DSB formation was analyzed by Southern analysis of PvuII-digested meiotic DNA, and percentages of DSBs were quantified from the 24-h time point.