Table 1.

MM inhibits Myc-induced S-phase entry in U2OS clonesa

Cells% of cells in phase:
U2OS-Myc + TET573211
U2OS-Myc + TET + MM711613
U2OS-Myc − TET354124
U2OS-Myc − TET + MM493318
U2OS-RbΔcdk/Myc + TET533512
U2OS-RbΔcdk/Myc + TET + MM731512
U2OS-RbΔcdk/Myc − TET20746
U2OS-RbΔcdk/Myc − TET + MM53398
  • a Each cell cycle profile was evaluated at least three times and in independent clones with similar results. After being electroporated with 5 μg of pCMV or pCMVMadMyc (MM) and 0.5 μg of pCMV-CD20, cells were cultured in TET-containing (+ TET) or TET−free (− TET) medium for 3 days. The cell cycle distribution of CD20-positive cells was analyzed by flow cytometry with CellQuest software and quantified with ModFit software. In preliminary experiments, expression of CD20 did not change the cell cycle profiles of each clone in either the repressed or induced state.