Table 7.

Segregation patterns of different his4 mutant alleles in the promoter deletion backgrounda

StrainMutant locusGene conversionPMSTotal no. of tetradsAberrant segregation (% of total)Gene conversion (% of aberrants)Amt of DSBs as % of total DNA at:
6:22:68:00:8Promoter (site I)Insertion (site II)
DNY64b HIS4/his4-140 684350039027.41002.8–3.85.1–7.2
FNY34 his4-Δ52/his4-Δ52 his4-140 563310027432.81009.8–11
FNY4b HIS4/his4-140a 76390035424.91003.4–4.30.4–0.8
FNY37 his4-Δ52/his4-Δ52 his4-140a 40450026118.81001–1.3
  • a Sporulation and DSB analyses were carried out as described in Materials and Methods. Percentages of DSBs were quantified from 24-h samples and are percentages of the total meiotic DNA.

  • b Data are from Tables 4 and 5.