Table 1.

Interaction of the iab-7 PRE with Pc-G and trxG mutationsa

Gene testedbAlleleInteraction with:
Pairing-sensitive lineNon-pairing-sensitive line
Polycomb Pc1 0+++00
Sex Combs Midleg ScmET50 ++++00
ScmSuz302 ++++00
Trithorax-like Trl13c +0
  • a Interactions of homozygous 410- and 260-bp iab-7 transgenic lines with Polycomb, Sex Combs Midleg, and Trithorax-like alleles. +, increasedmini-white expression; 0, no change in expression.

  • b Polycomb and Sex Combs Midleg are PcG genes; Trithorax-like is atrxG gene.