Table 3.

Overproduction of Red1 or Mek1 promotes sporulation of mutants that arrest at the pachytene checkpoint

StrainMutant genotypeSporulationa (%)Nuclear divisiona (%)
JM156 zip2 + YEp351b 9.49.4
JM158 zip2 + pJ17 (YEp351RED1)66.164.2
JM157 zip2 + pJ16 (YEp351 MEK1)32.027.6
JM159 dmc1 + YEp35129.831.2
JM161 dmc1 + pJ17 (YEp351RED1)29.828.0
JM160 dmc1 + pJ16 (YEp351 MEK1)30.133.0
JM541 hop2 + YEp35200
JM543 hop2 + pB86 (YEp352RED1)20.019.2
JM542 hop2 + pB133 (YEp352 MEK1)6.67.0
  • a Measured after 72 h in sporulation medium.

  • b Strain JM156 is the control for JM158 and JM157, strain JM159 is the control for JM161 and JM160, and strain JM541 is the control for JM543 and JM542.