Table 1.

S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

BR2495 MAT a his4-280 leu2-27 cyh10 ade2-1 ura3-1 trp1-1
MATα his4-260 leu2-3,112 CYH10 ade2-1 ura3-1 trp1-289
BR1919-8B MATα leu2-3,112 his4-260 ura3-1 ade2-1 thr1-4 trp1-289
BR1373-6D MAT a leu2-27 his4-280 arg4-8 ura3-1 cyh10 ade2-1 thr1-1 trp1-1
BS354BR2495 + pB86 (YEp352 RED1)
JM152BR2495 + YEp351
JM474BR2495 + YEp352
MY63BR2495 but homozygouszip1::LEU2
JM153MY63 + YEp352
JM154MY63 + pB133 (YEp352 MEK1)
JM155MY63 + pB86 (YEp352 RED1)
JM76MY63 + pNH83-2 (YEp24HOP1)
JM107MY63 + YEp24
JM64MY63 + pJ14 (YEp352 MEK1 RED1)
JM65MY63 + pJ70 (YEp352MEK1 HOP1)
JM106MY63 + pJ66 (YEp352 RED1 HOP1)
PC674BR2495 but homozygouszip2::URA3
JM156PC674 + YEp351
JM158PC674 + pJ17 (YEp351 RED1)
JM157PC674 + pJ16 (YEp351 MEK1)
JM127BR2495 but heterozygousthr1-4/THR1 and homozygousdmc1::URA3
JM159JM127 + YEp351
JM161JM127 + pJ17 (YEp351 RED1)
JM160JM127 + pJ16 (YEp351 MEK1)
JM500BR2495 but homozygoushop2::LEU2
JM541JM500 + YEp352
JM542JM500 + pB133 (YEp352 MEK1)
JM543JM500 + pB86 (YEp352 RED1)
BS272BR2495 butspo13::ura3-1/spo13::ADE2
JM117BS272 + YEp352
JM119BS272 + YEp24
JM116BS272 + pB86 (YEp352 RED1)
JM115BS272 + pB133 (YEp352 MEK1)
JM118BS272 + pNH83-2 (YEp24HOP1)
BS206BR2495 but homozygousspo13::ADE2 zip1::LEU2
JM112BS206 + YEp352
JM113BS206 + YEp24
JM111BS206 + pB86 (YEp352RED1)
JM110BS206 + pB133 (YEp352 MEK1)
JM114BS206 + pNH83-2 (YEp24 HOP1)
JM212BS206 + pJ14 (YEp352 MEK1 RED1)
JM213BS206 + pJ70 (YEp352MEK1 HOP1)
JM214BS206 + pJ66 (YEp352 RED1 HOP1)
BS394 MATα HIS4 LEU2 CEN3 THR1 spo13::ADE2 ade2-1 ura3-1 trp1-289 lys2
MAT a his4-260 leu2-3,112 CEN3::URA3 thr1-4 spo13::ADE2 ade2-1 ura3-1 trp1-289 lys2
BS395BS394 + YEplac112
BS396BS394 + pAV62 (YEplac112 RED1)
JM289BS394 + pJ104 (YEplac112 MEK1)
BS397BS394 but homozygouszip1::LYS2
BS398BS397 + YEplac112
BS399BS397 + pAV62 (YEplac112 RED1)
JM290BS397 + pJ104 (YEplac112 MEK1)
JM445BR2495 but homozygous rad50-K181
JM446JM445 + YEplac112
JM447JM445 + pAV62 (YEplac112RED1)
JM441BR2495 but homozygous rad50-K181 red1::LYS2
JM442JM441 + YEplac112
JM443JM441 + pAV62 (YEplac112 RED1)
JM437BR2495 but homozygous rad50-K181 zip1::LYS2
JM438JM437 + YEplac112
JM439JM437 + pAV62 (YEplac112 RED1)
BS223BR2495 but homozygousred1::ura3-1 zip1::LEU2 + pB86 (YEp352 RED1)
BS225BR2495 but homozygousred1::ura3-1 zip1::LEU2 + pB64 (CEN RED1 URA3)
  • a Strains BR2495 (30), BS354 (45), and MY63 (50) have been described previously. Strains containing the rad50-K181 mutation are referred to as rad50S throughout the text of this paper.