Table 2.

Synthetic dosage lethality with CTF18a

cdc2-1 DNA polymerase δ large subunitLethal at 28°C
cdc7-4 Protein kinase, controls initiation of DNA synthesisToxic at 30°C
cdc17-1 DNA polymerase α large subunitToxic at 34°C
cdc46-1 Acts at origins to initiate replicationToxic at 32°C
rap1-5 Repressor/activator protein, affects telomere structureLethal at 30°C
cdc9-1 DNA ligaseNP
cdc13-1 Binds telomeresNP
cdc14-1 PTPase required for mitotic exitNP
cdc23-1 Anaphase promoting complex subunitNP
cdc28-1 p34CDC2 kinase homologNP
cdc34-2 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, SCF subunitNP
cdc4-1 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, SCF subunitNP
cdc6-1 Involved in DNA replication initiationNP