Table 3.

Measurement by Flow-FISH of telomere length in splenocytes and BM cells obtained from DNA-PKcs+/+, DNA-PKcs+/−, and DNA-PKcs−/− mice

Mouse (sexc)LitterGenotypeTelomere lengtha for:
SplenocytesBM cells
D33 (F)1−/−3.55
D34 (F)+/+2.83
D36 (M)2−/−3.20
D44 (F)+/−2.82
D49 (F)3−/−3.08
D54 (F)+/−2.29
DA38 (F)4−/−3.493.56
DA39 (F)−/−3.433.33
DA40 (F)+/+3.343.29
DA45 (M)5+/+3.693.08
DA46 (M)+/+3.563.47
DA47 (F)−/−3.734.01
DA48 (F)−/−3.933.29
DA50 (M)6+/−3.773.14
DA51 (M)+/−4.073.41
DA52 (M)−/−4.113.48
DA58 (M)7b −/−3.153.59
DA59 (M)+/−3.653.05
DA60 (M)+/+3.753.74
DA61 (F)−/−3.823.51
DA62 (F)−/−3.983.44
DA64 (F)+/+4.223.55
  • a Telomere length is expressed in arbitrary fluorescence units which have been normalized against a calibration curve on R and S cells (see Materials and Methods).

  • b The animals of litter 7 were analyzed in two different experiments.

  • c M, male; F, female.