Table 4.

Blastocyst outgrowth experimentsa

Ezh2genotypeNo. totalNo. (%) with phenotype
NormalNo ICMNo outgrowthNonviable
Wt2821 (75)2 (7)4 (14)1 (3)
Het2915 (51)6 (2)6 (21)2 (7)
Null112 (18)3 (27)3 (27)3 (27)
  • a Statistical analysis of the blastocyst outgrowth experiments (n = 68) . Successful outgrowths (normal) are illustrated in Fig. 4C and D, with 75% of wild-type (wt) but only 18% of null blastocysts being capable of expanding the ICM. No ICM, blastocysts failed to expand the ICM while the trophoblast layer attached and differentiated into giant cells (Fig. 4E). No outgrowth, blastocysts did not outgrow ICM or trophoblast cells (Fig.4F). Nonviable, blastocysts died after a brief time in culture. Het, heterozygous.