Table 2.

bur1 genetic interactionsa

AlleleFunctionGrowth phenotype
BUR+ bur1-2
None++++ +++
ctk1Δ::HIS3 CTD kinase +++
spt4Δ DSIF subunit ++++
spt5-4 DSIF subunit ++++
rpb1Δ103 Pol II subunit ++++
rpb2-7 Pol II subunit +++ ++
bur2-1 Cyclin +++ +
spt6-14 Binds histones ++++ +
ppr2Δ TFIIS++++ ++
fcp1-110 CTD phosphatase ++++
kin28-ts4 CTD kinase +++ +++
srb10Δ::TRP1 CTD kinase+++ +++
srb4-138 Mediator component +++++++
Δ(hta1-htb1)::LEU2 Histones H2A and H2B ++++ +++
spt16-197 FACT subunit ++++ ++++
  • a Double mutants were created betweenbur1-2 and the mutations in the leftmost column. The relative growth phenotype of the double mutants is shown in the rightmost column, next to the growth rate of the single mutant. Wild-type growth is indicated by ++++, synthetic lethality is indicated by −, and intermediate growth rates are estimated by the number of plus signs.