Table 2.

Summary of expression profiles in different experiments

Type of expressionLog10 ratio (fold)No. of responding genes
WT ± 3ATaGCN4/gcn4Δ ratiobGCN4/GCN4cratiocgcn4Δ ± 3ATd
Set ASet BSet C
≥2735 (18%)e 771 (16%)949 (24%)612 (20%)158 (26%)568 (18%)
≥2886 (22%)955 (20%)1,092 (28%)636 (21%)65 (11%)496 (15%)
 Total ORFs consideredf:4,1024,7173,9403,0876103,250
  • a Expression in WT strain treated with 100 mM 3AT relative to expression in untreated strain. Set A, average expression ratio from 11 independent pairs of hybridizations; set B; average expression ratio from 8 independent pairs of hybridizations; set C; average expression ratio from 2 independent pairs of hybridizations. Sets A and B andGCN4/GCN4c ink-jet data sets were derived from cDNA arrays, and sets C and gcn4Δ ± 3AT data sets were derived from the use of FlexJet oligonucleotide arrays. Data sets A and B were derived from two separate RNA preparations from strain R491. Data set C was obtained from strain KNY 164. All strains are in an S288c background.

  • b Expression ratio of a WT GCN4strain (KNY164) to an isogenic gcn4Δ strain (KNY124), both treated with 100 mM 3AT.

  • c Expression ratio of strain R4760 overexpressing GCN4 constitutively (GCN4c ) to strain R6257 bearing vector alone (GCN4).

  • d Expression ratio of gcn4Δ strain (KNY124) treated with 100 mM 3AT to the untreated strain.

  • e Values in parentheses are percentages of total ORFs considered.

  • f Total number of ORFs that are above theP value cutoff ( P = 0.05 ).