Table 1.

Establishment of an oriP replicon in multiple cell lines

Cell lineAvg no. of drug-resistant coloniesaNo. of transfected cells plated (103)bCloning efficiencyc(%)Establishment efficiencyd(%)
18e 5.61.1
  • a Numbers reflect the average of 2 dilutions of cells plated.

  • b Transfection efficiency is based upon the percentage of EGFP-positive cells present at 2 days posttransfection.

  • c Cloning efficiency refers to the percentage of cells which are competent to plate and form a colony in the absence of selection and is defined by the variable m in the Poisson distribution, as described in Materials and Methods. Percentages are based on two independent experiments.

  • d Establishment efficiency refers to the percentage of cells which take up the oriP plasmid and support its stable replication, thereby generating a drug-resistant colony. The establishment efficiency is defined by the following equation: (no. of drug-resistant colonies/no. of transfected, clonable cells plated) × 100%.

  • e Number reflects a single dilution of cells plated.