Table 3.

Effects of sub2 conditional alleles on recombination

GenotypePlasmidaRecombination ratea(10−6)bFold over wild typea
SUB2 HPR1 p297 SUB2 0.931
hpr1Δp297 SUB2 140150
sub2Δ1 p297SUB2 140150
sub2Δ1 hpr1Δp297 SUB2 550590
SUB2 HPR1 p322 sub2-1 2.81
hpr1Δp322 sub2-1 25090
sub2Δ1 p322sub2-1 4,2001,500
sub2Δ1 hpr1Δp322 sub2-1 610220
SUB2 HPR1 p326 sub2-6 5.61
hpr1Δp326 sub2-6 47085
sub2Δ1 p326sub2-6 1,200214
sub2Δ1 hpr1Δp326 sub2-6 1,100200
SUB2 HPR1 p320 sub2-5 2.11
hpr1Δp320 sub2-5 20095
sub2Δ1 p320sub2-5 780370
sub2Δ1 hpr1Δp320 sub2-5 460220
  • a All plasmids are based on aSUB2 insert into plasmid pRS315 (CEN6 LEU2).

  • b Rates were calculated as described in footnote c to Table 1.