Table 1.

Effects of overexpressing SUB2 on deletion events between direct repeatsa

GenotypebRecombination rate (10−6)c% Suppression
Wild type + YEp-vector2.50 ± 0.06
Wild type + YEp-SUB2 3.01 ± 0.460
hpr1Δ + YEp-vector1,800 ± 310
hpr1Δ + YEp-SUB2 190 ± 9790
cdc73Δ + YEp-vector170 ± 40
cdc73Δ + YEp-SUB2 20 ± 390
  • a Strains used in this table are HKY870-12A (wild type), HFY998-2C (hpr1Δ), and HFY2059-1A (cdc73Δ) transformed with either YEp-vector or YEp-SUB2.

  • b YEp-vector, a 2μm-based plasmid YEp351, is the control vector; YEp-SUB2 is the original hy41 isolate from a YEp351 library. pHF80-4, which contains a sequence encoding full-length Sub2p, behaves similarly to hy41.

  • c Rates were calculated as described in Materials and Methods from 5-FOA resistance frequencies of strains carrying the duplicationleu2-k::ADE2-URA3::teu2-k. Each rate was calculated from three independent fluctuation tests on three strains of the same genotype and is expressed as the mean rate ± the standard deviation of three determinations.