Table 3.

Plasmids used

pYPB1-ADHpt C. albicans ADH1 promoter and ADH1 terminator on a C. albicans URA3/ARS/2μm vector 13
pYPBCRK1 2.25-kb full-length CRK1 in pYPB1-ADHptThis study
pYPBCRK1N 1.1-kb Crk1 kinase domains CRK1N in pYPB1-ADHptThis study
BES119CRK1N 1.1-kb CRK1N in BES119 20, this study
PQF145.2 RAS1V13 in BES119 20
pVT102U S. cerevisiae ADH1 promoter and S. cerevisiae ADH1 terminator inS. cerevisiae URA3/2μm vector 62
pVTUCRK1 Full-length CRK1 in pVT102UThis study
pVTUCRK1N Crk1 kinase domainsCRK1N in pVT102UThis study
pVTUHACRK1 CRK1-HA in pVT102UThis study
pVTUHACRK1N CRK1N-HA in pVT102UThis study
pVTUSGV1 Full-lengthSGV1 in pVT102UThis study
pVTUSGV1N Sgv1 kinase domains SGV1N in pVT102UThis study
pUC19CRK1 4-kb SacICRK1 genomic fragment in pUC19This study
pUC19CRK1URA3 crk1::hisG-URA3-hisGin pUC19This study
pBSKZS19-kb BamHICRK1 genomic fragment in pBSKThis study