Table 1.

Expression plasmids used in this study

Plasmid (purposes)Expressing proteinReference
Yeast Yap1p expression plasmids (localization and activity)
 pRS cp-GFP HA YAP1GFP-fused Yap1pWT18
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 C598TGFP-fused Yap1pC598T 18
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 C620AGFP-fused Yap1pC620A 18
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 C629TGFP-fused Yap1pC629T 18
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 cm46A5GFP-fused Yap1p(TAT) (C598T, C620A, C629T)18
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 3CysGFP-fused Yap1p3Cys (C303T, C310T, C315T)This study
 pRS cp-GFP HA yap1 3Cys, C620AGFP-fused Yap1p3Cys, C620A(C303T, C310T, C315T, C620A)This study
Yeast c-CRD expression plasmids (oxidation process in vivo)
 pRS GFP-CRDHA-GFP-fused c-CRDThis study
 pRS GFP-CRD(TAT) HA-GFP-fused c-CRD(TAT) (C598T, C620A, C629T)This study
Recombinant protein expression plasmids
 pGEX GFP-CRDRecombinant c-CRD (mass spectroscopy)This study
 pGEX ΔGFP-CRDRecombinant c-CRD (peptide assay and reduction assay)This study