Base preferences of MSEs from genes that are regulated by Sum1a , b

Base23G 4 T 5 G 6 W 7C 8 A 9C 10A 11A 12A 13N 14 K 15161718
  • a Values are the percentages of each base among 32 MSEs found upstream of genes that are derepressed in the sum1 mutant (see Materials and Methods for details).

  • b Consensus base and position number are shown above each column. This more narrow consensus was chosen using the preferences noted in this table (see Materials and Methods for details). Bases that exhibit statistically significant differences from the control set of sequences are shown in bold and underlined. W: A or T; N: A, G, C, or T; K: G or T. Statistical comparison of these base preferences to the control set (see Table 6) yielded the following chi-square test P values: position 5, 0.016; 6, 7.8 × 10−6; 7, 0.029; 9, 0.014; and 15, 0.037.