atRA and atROH concentrations in wild-type and Cpr−/− embryos at 9.5 dpca

Embryo (n)Mean concn (pg/embryo) of:atRA/atROH ratio
WT (8)74.0176.20.64
P1 (6)*
P2 (8)**
  • a Retinoids were measured in wild-type (WT) embryos, less severe Cpr−/− embryos, which turned (P1), and very severe mutants, which did not turn (P2). Retinoids were measured in single embryos (four to seven in each group) or pooled samples (one to four in each group). There were large individual variations in the retinoid content per embryo in all groups, probably due to variations in embryonic staging. Single and double asterisks indicate results that were significantly different from those for wild-type littermates at P values of 0.059 and 0.028, respectively.