Extent of deletions and complementarity at the recombination sites in G418r/Ganr subclones

Cell lineSubcloneDeletionaComplem entarity (bp)b
A211FS-1 17 bp/3.0 kb4
FS-2 8 bp/2.6 kb1
A405FS-30.5 kb/1.8 kb4
FS-41.0 kb/1.0 kbND
EJ-30G55≥0 bpND
G71≥1.3 kb1/0c
G45≥9.8 kb3
G65≥8.7 kb1
  • a The distance from the recombination site to the I-SceI site in the A211 and A405 subclones and/or the distance between the sequences at the recombination site in the EJ-30 subclones is indicated. If we assume a single event initiated recombination in the EJ-30 subclones, the difference in the location in the plasmids would represent the minimum amount of degradation.

  • b Complementarity at the recombination site. The recombination site in some subclones could not be sequenced (ND = not determined), apparently due to the presence of a perfect inverted repeat.

  • c Complementarity on either end of a 187-bp insert of human DNA.