Induction of UPR target genes in wt, XBP-1−/−, and iATF6α MEF cells by Tm treatment and in MEF-tet-off-XBP-1s cells by doxycycline removal

Fold change in expression with:GenBank no.Description
wtXBP-1−/−iATF6αXBP-1s X67083 CHOP U00937 GADD45 AI846938 Herp
4.6NC2.21.9 AI845538 MGP
8.475.5NC AW045664 RIKEN 2810026P18, GADD7 AJ002387 BiP AA684508 Rnu22, RNA, U22 small nucleolar X14309 4F2 antigen
2.8NC1.6NC AA260005 Par-4 U19118 LRG-21
4.82.24NC AI840585 RIKEN 3110043O21 L00039 c-myc AW122364 Armet
2.93.43NC AB017189 4F2/CD98 AI849615 Gas5, growth arrest specific 5 U28423 p581PK AW120711 ERdj4
8.8∼15.04.92 AW124049 EST, Genethonin AI852641 Nupr1, nuclear protein 1
4NC2.92.2 AW123880 XBP-1 AI854851 RIKEN 2700007P21
3.835.5NC U52073 TDD5, androgen target gene U40930 Sqstm1, squestosome
3.3 NC 1.8 2.7 AI604013 p581PK U83148 NFIL3/E4BP4 V00756 Beta interferon U13371 Kdt1, kidney cell line derived transcript I
2.72.6NCNC U79550 Slug, chicken homolog M94087 ATF4
2.4NCNCNC AV138783 Gadd45b
9.6 NC 9.2 5.7 AI835630 ERdj4 U60593 Ndr1
4.2NC3.7NC AA798624 Ero11 M31418 Interferon activated gene 202 AI839690 RIKEN 1500005G05
3.7NC2.7NC M95200 Vascular endothelial growth factor
2.73.12NC J04627 Methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase
2.7NC2.2NC AW047899 Nfkb2 X78709 NRF1 AI849620 EST
2NCNCNC J03297 grp94
  • a Values represent fold changes of expression level by Tm treatment for 6 h in wt, XBP-1−/−1, and iATF6α MEF cells by Tm or doxycycline removal in MEF-tet-off-XBP-1s cells. NC, no change. Genes were sorted by ratio of oligonucleotide probe pairs on the chip whose values were increased upon Tm treatment in wt cells, and the genes whose values were >0.8 are shown. The two XBP-1-dependent genes which were confirmed by Northern blot analysis are highlighted in boldface.