Phenotypes caused by evl-14 and scc-3 RNAi

Gene and RNAi methodGenotypea% of study population exhibiting indicated phenotypen
Embryo lethalityLarva lethalbPvl-StecHimdWTe
    evl-14(ar96)/ evl-14(+)7.23.986.52.40207
    evl-14(ar96)/ evl-14(+)20.57.966.94.60239
  • a Genotype of the worm strain being treated with RNAi.

  • b Animals arrested at various larval stages.

  • c Protruding vulva coupled with sterility phenotype.

  • d High incidence of male (Him) phenotype; males resulted from self-fertilization of hermaphrodites.

  • e Hermaphrodites with normal morphology. WT, wild type.

  • f Embryos were put on RNAi feeding plates for examination of postembryonic phenotypes.

  • g NA, not applicable.