UPR target genes induced by XBP-1s

Fold change in expression with:GenBank no.Description
5.79.6NC AI835630 ERdj4
2.9∼4.0NC AW212878 EDEM AW122364 Armet
2.73.3NC AI604013 p58IPK
3.22.7NC U28423 p58IPK
2.21.7NC AW045202 PDI-P5
2.11.5NC AI843466 Ramp4
1.92.1NC AW122551 HEDJ
2.24NC AW123880 XBP-1
1.81.7NC AI117848 mgat2
3.2117.2 AI846938 Herp
2.47.42 D16333 Coproporphyrinogen oxidase
28.8∼15.0 AW124049 EST
1.94.6NC AI845538 MGP
1.52.4NC AI843342 Splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 1
1.91.7NC AV318100 Similar to glucosidase 1
1.71.9NC M22998 Solute carrier family 2, member 1
1.61.6NC M73329 Phospholipase Cα
1.61.6NC AI839280 RIKEN cDNA 1810045K07 gene
1.52.5NC AW123026 Glucosamine-phosphate N-acetyltransferase 1 X83601 Pentaxin related gene AJ002387 BiP
1.61.9NC AA170696 Intercellular adhesion molecule
1.62.2NC AI316859 Hypothetical protein LOC223770, BR-140L V00756 Interferon-related developmental regulator 1
1.51.8NC X92665 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2E 1
  • a Genes that were induced by doxycycline removal in MEF-tet-off-XBP-1s cells, as well as by Tm treatment in wt MEF cells are shown. Genes were sorted by ratio of positive oligonucleotide probe pairs upon doxycycline removal in MEF-tet-off-XBP-1s cells, and the genes that were as also inducible by Tm in wt cells are shown. Values represent the fold changes in expression level. NC, no change.