Distribution of survivor types

GenotypeNo. of survivors (% of total)
Total studiedType IType II
tlc19286 (93)6 (7)
tlc1 cdc17-26224 (39)38 (61)a
tlc1 cdc2-2200 (0)20 (100)b
tlc1 pol2-185010 (20)c40 (80)
tlc1 tel18686 (100)0 (0)
tlc1 mec1 sml18686 (100)0 (0)
tlc1 tel1 mec1 sml18686 (100)0 (0)
tlc1 cdc13-1637 (11)56 (89)
  • a All type II survivors from the tlc1 cdc17-2 (polα) mutant had noticeable type I-like Y′-Y′ amplification.

  • b All the recovered tlc1 cdc2-2 (polδ) survivors had barely elongated telomeres, which is an atypical type II pattern.

  • c All type I survivors from the tlc1 pol2-18 (polε) mutant had much less Y′-Y′ amplification than the typical type I pattern of the tlc1 survivors.