Quantification of p53 protein induction in response to ionizing irradiation

Mouse strainIrradiation a% p53-positive cellsb
K14E6WT 0
K14E6Δ146-151 0
  • a Nine-day-old animals were subjected to 4 Gy of 137Cs ionizing radiation. Tissues were harvested at 24 h postirradiation. Tissues from unirradiated controls were likewise harvested at 10 days of age.

  • b p53-positive cells were identified by immunohistochemistry as described in Materials and Methods. Over 250 cells were scored per sample. Shown are results from representative mice; similar results were seen with at least three animals per genotype.

  • c The few p53-positive cells in these two samples were markedly lower in their intensity of staining compared to that seen in irradiated nontransgenic mice.