Yeast strains

StrainGenotypeaSource or reference
W1588-4CMATaR. Rothstein
W1588-4AMATαR. Rothstein
HKY595-3BMATa rad51::LEU2H. Klein
HKY595-1CMATα rad51::LEU2H. Klein
YAR91MATα ade2-5′ Δ-TRP1-ade2-n spo13::hisG ade2::hisG-URA3-hisG31
B403-1AMATa rad51::HIS32
LSY410MATa rad51::URA331
LSY411MATα rad51::URA331
LSY535MATα rad57::URA320
LSY698MATa met17::ADE23
LSY786MATα yku70::HIS328
LSY919-10BMATα met17::ADE2 rad51::HIS3This study
LSY956MATα met17::ADE2This study
LSY977MATa rad51-K191R-URA3-rad51-K191RThis study
LSY979MATa rad51-K191RThis study
LSY982MATa rad51-K191A-URA3-rad51-K191AThis study
LSY983MATa rad51-K191AThis study
LSY981-1AMATα rad51-K191R-URA3-rad51-K191R met17::ADE2This study
LSY981-4BMATα rad51-K191R-URA3-rad51-K191RThis study
LSY1012, LSY1013MATα rad51-K191R ade2-5′ Δ-TRP1-ade2-n ade2::hisGThis study
LSY1200-1DMATa rad51::LEU2 yku70::HIS3This study
LSY1201-3DMATa rad51-K191R-URA3-rad51-K191R yku70::HIS3This study
LSY1255-12BMATα rad51-K191R rad57::URA3This study
LSY1255-12CMATa rad51-K191R rad57::URA3This study
LSY1039Diploid formed by crossing LSY977 with LSY1013 (rad51-K191R/rad51-K191R)This study
LSY1040Diploid formed by crossing HKY595-1C with B403-1A (rad51::LEU2/rad51::HIS3)This study
LSY1041Diploid formed by crossing HKY595-3B with LSY981-1A (rad51::LEU2/rad51-K191R)This study
LSY1093Diploid formed by crossing W1588-4C with W1588-4A (RAD51/RAD51)This study
LSY1104Diploid formed by crossing LSY919-10B with LSY982 (rad51::HIS3/rad51-K191A)This study
LSY1196Diploid formed by crossing LSY979 with LSY919-10B (rad51::HIS3/rad51-K191R)This study
LSY1212Diploid formed by crossing LSY979 with LSY411 (rad51::URA3/rad51-K191R)This study
  • a All strains are of the W303 genotype (leu2-3, 112 trp1-1 ura3-1 can1-100 ade2-1 his3-11, 15 RAD5); only the mating type and differences from this genotype are shown.